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Why not have your own marketplace?
With Woo-Shoppe Designs  you don’t have to spend a lot to have your own marketplace.  Tired of selling a product and find out 100 more people have the same thing?  You could create your own product.  Or create a new design for the products you have to offer!

Need a website with ecommerce for your products?  Let us build your website with woo commerce and you will save!

Have your own Woo Shoppe with your products. Woo commerce will work with your  paypal or other merchant.

On the smaller site attributes ( colors, sizes, etc) in access may be an extra fee.

Affiliate program added no extra charge. Shipping rate and table included.

Professional Logo may not be included often $20+ I will add a generic logo.

Web Hosting is free for a certain amount of time then small fee. You can host elsewhere. We have the fantastic hosting packages. Reseller hosting available for multiple sites.


Good quality themes. Basic customization on themes and some installation on plugins.

Most developers will charge $35 hour plus… we charge by the project. With work at home friends in mind, we offer a payment plan and we work with you!

WooCommerce Plans:    


Need more than 200 products just email us!



Buying a website not in  your budget? try Easy Pay…. start out with $35 to help with your domain name, then pay $25 a month until your site is paid off.  Pick any plan above the basic.  No contracts, No hosting while you are paying your payments, no credit check. Just let us know what day of the month you want to pay. *

*Some rules do apply: the site is hosted with us while on payment plan. The domain name stays with us until final payment. If you abandon the site with no contact or payment for two months, we  hold the right to obtain the site and resale it. We work with people on hard times, so all you have to do is keep in touch with a method of eventually paying off. 

You can use the site while making payments. This way you can make money while paying installments.

Communication is the key to success!

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