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Basic Lead Pages

Lead Generation Pages that lead with a capture page to engage your customers in offering you their information…  New! Our lead pages are yearly hosted! No monthly fees!

Attach to fan page, newsletter, website, a certain product, or a service.  Great for nutrition and weight loss products. Great for offering a service.



Linda’s Site intregues customers to her Ageless Beauty and Nutrition products. This one comes with the slideshow. 

on Google….



Ask Me How You Can Look Good, Feel Well, and Be Ageless! … The mile-long lashes you‘ve always dreamed of are now a reality with the SiseLash™ 3D Fiber …








This coffee site has one picture emphasing flavored coffees and joining Kat’s Coffees. 

on Google….

Nowa’s Coffee Shoppe – Enjoy Kat’s Coffee and More


Kat’s Coffees and More sells coffees, teas, goodies and more! If you sell for Kat’s Coffees and More you could have your own lead site like this one. 







Trim UP theme shows off a weight loss product with slideshow up to six pictures. 

on Google….

Get Fit with Regina – Try Basic Reset for all your nutritional needs!


 Has your “get-up-and-go” got up and went? Have you tried one diet after another or one diet product after another, but still can’t get your weight under control?

My candle page leads to people wanting to sell or buy JIC Candles. This one comes with slide show of pictures.

on google can link to your fan page.  Branding by spreading  your business name around…..

Nowa’s Candle Shoppe – Shop | Facebook


Nowa’s Candle Shoppe. 3 likes. Candles, Scents and more coming your way.

Nowa’s Candle Shoppe – A piece of jewelry with every candle


Jewelry with Candles a surprise jewel with each candle. If you choose the Pink Flame Candle which is my favorite, you can pick your own special jewelry.

Jewelry with Candles a surprise jewel with each candle. If you choose the Pink Flame Candle which is my favorite, you can pick your own special jewelry.

These are basic lead pages with their own domain. You can link up to six products or services.  Your own domain name helps with search engines compared to having a subdomain.

Do you need a page to lead to your product, service, or website?

Perhaps  you have that dynamic product you want to share?

Or a service  you want to provide?

  • You have a site at Bonanza or eBay, Amazon, Storenvy, etc. You can  use your lead page to direct to your storefront.
  • You have a local storefront we can add a map and specials for your storefront.
  • Perhaps you have a service such as mowing lawns, etc We can have people send you their information. It is called capturing leads.
  • You have a newsletter at Constant Comment or somewhere you like to lead followers to  your newsletter.
  • Perhaps you have a fanpage storefront you can link to your best items.
  • Great for one or two fantastic weight loss products.


This site is good for any product or service that  you could use leads for.

With lead pages you can link your facebook page, your product, service, perhaps a storenvy site, bonanza booth, ebay store, amazon store, etc…


Comes in various colors, up to six pictures in slideshow that can link to a product, three areas for information, simple header, and a capture area for leads. We can add a video on a seperate page.



1-3 page basic lead page designed with a responsive premium theme.  No one else’s name on there but yours!

Comes with hosting, domain extension of your choice, year hosting (valued $40). I design it for you!  Choose between .info, biz, net, or .com. $25 covers everything.

Once a year you pay for your hosting $25 and domain name cost. With this purchase you are good for a year.

1-3 page site with pay once a year if you want to keep your page. No hosting needed!



Like to have a more elaborate lead generation website? Something with more information?

I add more product information, service information, etc. Six months hosting included

Domain of your choice

here is an example

   This site has the lead capture plug in, information about her products, newsletter, and her fan pages, also all her contact information. Leads will go to her email.

site be $49.95 pay once a year if you want to keep your page. No hosting needed! 

On sale for $30.00


Perhaps you want to do your own pages with this theme? Ask me about our designers Membership.


We offer 30 day refund if you do not like the site, we give you refund minus the domain name we registered for you.  If we give  you full refund then we keep the domain for someone else. 

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