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Need a Lead Page for your biz?

Need a lead page for what you sell or your product?

Perhaps you have direct sales? or provide a service.  Some people like to emphasize on a product like weightloss product.

  • You can share your specials!
  • Share a variety of businesses that are like but not in competition.  ( For example if  you sell oils have another link for candles. Make scents? LOL)
  • Recruit new people
  • Offer classes and chats (Starlite Chatroom) Personal classes available with membership
  • Share  your facebook page and other media
  • Share  your newsletter
  • Share your services you offer ( landscaping, virtual assistant, etc.)
  • Share a link to your website
  • Show off a major product
  • Have a blog about your business along with the lead page
  • So many possibilities!

Why go with Starlite and Woo-Shoppe Designs? We have extras that fit  your budget!

  • Free hosting once you pay for a year lead page.  Our secured hosting been around for 17 years. Low cost hosting if you use the woo-shoppe for products.
  • I know you probably don’t want to pay for updates for years….so I offer a classroom setting of how to do your own work free for those who host with us.
  • Premium themes offered for those who want to do their own work . Our premium themes normally cost $79 and up.
  •  I have 24 tech service support tickets if you have problems with your website. Or you need updates.
  • No extra fee for forms. If you go with Wix they charge for forms.
  • I offer low cost advertising on my Nowa’s Connection site which is 8 years old.  Along with this site I offer free referrals. For example if you looking for someone with Avon I will give a referral to someone who is on my website first. I would send you Dee Dee’s link because she advertises with me.

In summary, we get the domain name for you…we design the site for you, updates for small fee or you can check out the tutorials on our classroom site.  We offer the free hosting so you not stuck with monthly hosting fees. We give you more space than the freebie sites. I offer you leads for your business if someone is looking for what you have to offer…

Forms I give you three forms no cost.  We been in business for 17 years We know that most people who work at home, especially if you just starting out, you on a budget and can not afford a whole lot. We work with  you on your budget try to make your business successful…if  you are successful then we are successful too!

We pay you for referrals. I have an affiliate program and offer 25% on all leads that are successful!

Best thing this summer…Get started for as little as $25 a year!




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