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About Us

Henry and I (Judy) started on ecommerce in 1998 building a website for our giftware. I wanted to design a mall type site where people could advertise. We figured out that we could not afford a “real designer”. Henry got a copy of frontpage from microsoft and learned how to design html pages. Later Henry taught me how to do pages.

Finally Microsoft desided they were no longer supporting frontpage. Henry decided to learn “osCMax” which is similar to osCommerce. Eventually osCmax was no longer offering tech support.

Eventually I figured out about seven years ago I needed something better that was well supported. I got tutorials, books, youtube videos, and anything I could find for information. I taught myself WordPress. Just last year I decided to learn woocommerce to have a cart for WordPress

Fast forward seven years I am now here helping others have their own website. If you need help I am here. If you like to join our design class and do  your own work we be glad to have you. We charge a little for the materials.  If you prefer we do the work for you I do what I can to help. I offer a payment plan for the larger websites.

Whatever you need we try to help!

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